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Read news relating to ClinRad, our services, and the field of diagnostic imaging.


Clinrad opens fourth Clinic

Clinrad is excited to announce the opening of our fourth Clinic in Karalee.

Clinrad Karalee will offer X-Ray, Ultrsound ( including Echcardograms) and 24/48 Holter monitors. All Medicare rebatable procedures are bulk billed.

ClinRad connected to My Health Record

ClinRad is now sharing diagnostic imaging reports with patients and healthcare providers through My Health Record, from our clinics in Goodna, Kenmore and Wynnum West. ClinRad radiologist Professor Wayne Gibbon said it was important that our clinics could share reports with our patients.

Pins and Needles - by Dr Wayne Gibbon

I started off on an orthopaedic surgery career path in the UK and ended up as a radiologist in Queensland. I went from pinning fractured bones to putting needles into arthritic spines. Indeed, the latter is often for compression of nerves resulting in colloquial "pins and needles". 

Goodna introduces Echocardiogram service

Clinrad Goodna is pleased to introduce a Bulk Billed echocardiogram service to the community.

Introducing 24/48 Holter monitor services.

Clinrad Clinics are now providing 24/48 Holter monitor services.

ClinRad opens third Clinic

ClinRad is excited to announce the opening of our third clinic in Goodna

ClinRad Goodna will offer CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound and interventional procedures. All Medicare rebateable procedures will be bulk-billed.

Neither Tennis Nor Elbow

Medicine in the 1800’s and 1900’s seemingly liked to name conditions based on occupation with "Clergyman's Knee", "Postman's Heel" and "Wool Sorter's Lung" as examples.

Patient Portal

Patient portal now live- access your images and reports.

At ClinRad, patients can now access their images and reports online. To access your images and reports, please speak to our receptionists. 

Movement for Life - Wellness

Dr Wayne Gibbon, Lead Radiologist at ClinRad, looks at the importance of maintaining body fitness and an effective skeleton as we age.