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To utilise InteleViewer and the full suite of image viewing and review capabilities that come with it, you will need to have the software downloaded onto your computer. There are many benefits to using InteleViewer including

  • Requires Sign In with your ClinRad PACS Account details.
  • Optimal for viewing larger, complicated studies such as MRI and CT.
  • Comparison with prior imaging and reports.

To Download InteleViewer

Download the appropriate version of InteleViewer for your PC (Windows or Mac).

Once installed, you will see the following Log In screen:


The first time you access ClinRad PACS you will need to Add a Bookmark as shown below:



Server URL:

From this point you can use your Username / Password created when you registered for a ClinRad PACS Account to access InteleViewer and review your patients Images and Reports.

I already use InteleViewer for Another Imaging Provider

You do not necessarily need to re-install the InteleViewer software. Open the InteleViewer desktop application and following the prompts above to Add a Bookmark.

If this is unsuccessful you may need to re-install the InteleViewer Desktop application so that it is the latest version available, follow the instructions above to complete this.

If you require any assistance with gaining access to InteleViewer or InteleConnect please call ClinRad on (07) 3153 4115.