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CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring

Information for Patients 

About the scan

A CT Scanner (Computed Tomography) uses x-rays to take 3D images of your body. These Low Radiation Dose scans can be used to diagnose a wide range of medical conditions throughout your body.

A Cardiac Calcium Score CT will assess the amount of calcium in and around your coronary arteries. This information can be used by your referring doctor to work out your risk of coronary artery disease and determine why you may be having chest pain.

Information we need before booking your appointment

We will require your referral from your Doctor. Our Admin team will ask you to complete some paperwork, so we have all your important details on file.

For CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring Scans, you will be required to make an appointment as there is preparation involved.

How to prepare before the scan

You will be given all the information about preparation at the time you make your booking.

You will be required to avoid caffeine for 12 hours leading up to your appointment, including Coffee, Tea, Coke and Chocolate. Please refrain from exercise or strenuous activity on the day of your scan.

When you arrive for your scan you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and consent form about your cardiac and medical history. Your Radiographer will go over this form with you in the CT room and answer all your questions.

What to expect during the scan

Our experienced Radiographers will take the time to explain the procedure to you. You will be asked to lie down on the CT table and will have ECG leads to monitor your heartbeat attached to your chest. You will then move in and out of the scanner several times throughout your examination.

During your scan you will need to remain still and will be asked to hold your breath at certain stages.

Time to complete the scan

Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT Scans will take between 10 – 20 minutes to complete. 

What to do after the scan

Our friendly clinical team members will direct you back to a change room and then on to the Front Reception from where you will be free to leave if you have completed all your examinations.


There is no Medicare Rebate available for Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT Scans.

Cost: $150 out of pocket.

About the results

Your images and report are sent to your referring Doctor. We recommend that you make an appointment with them to discuss your results.

About the equipment

At ClinRad we use one of the most up-to-date CT Scanners on the market. This helps us to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality images, with the lowest possible radiation dose.

Safety and individual suitability of the scan

Our experienced Radiographers and Radiologist will always work with you and your referring practitioner to ensure you are having the imaging procedure that will provide the most relevant information.