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Obstetric Imaging

Information for Patients

About the scan

Ultrasound is an important and safe medical examination during your pregnancy. They can be used to plan assisted pregnancy, confirm and date early pregnancies and assess viability. Later in the pregnancy they can be used to ensure there are no foetal abnormalities are present or conditions which could affect delivery. Ultrasound can be used to check baby’s growth and wellbeing throughout pregnancy where a doctor or midwife has concerns.

Information we need before booking your appointment

We will require your referral from your Doctor and your Medicare Card. Our Admin team will ask you to complete some paperwork, so we have all your important details on file.

For Ultrasounds you will be required to make an appointment as there is often preparation involved.

How to prepare before the scan

You will be given all the information about preparation at the time you make your booking. You will likely be required to have a full bladder for your scan.

When you arrive, you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire and could be required to change into a gown. Your Sonographer will show you to a change room if required and answer any questions you have. It is a good idea to wear separate top and bottoms to allow for easier access to your stomach without needing to change into a gown.

What to expect during the scan

You will be asked to lie down on the bed and the Sonographer will expose your stomach for the scan. The Sonographer will explain the process to you before commencing your scan and be sure to get all the relevant information from you. They will squeeze ultrasound gel onto your stomach and use a transducer to produce the images. As part of the scan, your Sonographer may be required to push the transducer against you or ask you to hold your breath. If you are uncomfortable at any stage, please let them know.

We understand this can be a very exciting time during your pregnancy scan and our Sonographers will be sure to provide not only a very high standard of diagnostic ultrasound, but also a memorable experience.

Time to complete the scan

Pregnancy Ultrasound scan length will vary depending on the stage of the pregnancy. An early pregnancy/dating scan (typically 7-9 weeks) will take approximately 20-30 minutes. A Morphology scan (approx.18-20 weeks) is an extensive scan taking all the required measurements to check on your baby’s growth and will take 45 minutes - 1 hour.

What to do after the scan

Our friendly clinical team members will direct you back to a change room and then on to the Front Reception from where you will be free to leave if you have completed all your examinations.


At ClinRad, like all private radiology practices, our billing is governed by Medicare and the rebates they provide. Unlike other private radiology clinics though, ClinRad will always aim to Bulk Bill you for any Ultrasound scan possible provided you have a valid Medicare card. Please ask us for a quote at the time of booking.

About the results

Your images and report are sent to your referring Doctor. We recommend that you make an appointment with them to discuss your results.

About the equipment

At ClinRad we use one of the most up-to-date Ultrasound Scanners on the market. This helps us to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality images, with the lowest possible radiation dose.

Safety and individual suitability of the scan

Our experienced Sonographers and Radiologist will always work with you and your referring practitioner to ensure you are having the imaging procedure that will provide the most relevant information.